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Rock On!!!
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All You Need Is Love

(especially paul)

Ah, yes. That little band I like to call...The Beatles

  • I believe that the beginning of the break up was when Brian Epstien, the beatles manager died.
  • Beatles movies: a hard days night, help, magical mystery tour, let it be
  • John Winston (Ono, he legally changed his middle name) Lennon...
  • Born- October 9, 1940        Died- December 8, 1980
  • James Paul McCartney
  • Born- June 18, 1942
  • George Harrison
  • Born- February 25, 1943     Died- November 29, 2001
  • Ringo (Richard) Starr (Starkey) (Perkins, he legally changed it to Starkey)
  • Born- July 7, 1940
  • I'm doing all this off hand, just to let you know.
  • All of the beatles were either 5'11 or 5'10 except for Ringo who is 5'8. He isnt THAT short.
  • Davy Jones was only 5'3!
  • Paul was bass, John was rhythm guitar, George was lead guitar, and Ringo was the drummer. (he's got the blisters to prove it)
  • Yes, they are all musical geniuses in their own ways.
  • And Ringo played Mr. Conductor in the early Shining Time Stations
  • "It's a thingy, a fiendish thingy", exclaims George, in Help!
  • "Once upon a time, or maybe twice", begins Yellow Submarine
  • Then end part of yellow submarine, when John explains that newer and bluer meanies are in the vicinity of this theater, Paul is trying not to laugh, it gets me everytime.
  • Magical Mystery tour, well the wizards are cool!
  • Waiting for Hard day's night to come out on DVD
  • And you know in Help!, when John takes out the book HE wrote, and falls into his bed pit, I WANT THAT PIT!!!
  • What, isnt that Veruca's dad, from willy wonka?- Yes, he's in Help! too
  • So, is Paul dead? You can decide.
    • Abbey Road cover..
    • John in white, priest, Ringo in black, death, George in jeans, graveyard worker, Paul without shoes, supposed to symbolize death (although he said he didnt wear shoes that day because it was hot that day.)
    • On the car, LMW-Linda McCartney Widowed, lisence plate- 28IF, Paul would be 28 if he was still alive.
    • But of course, Paul said if he was dead, he'd always be the last to know.
  • Here's something weird that i read... The back of George and Ringo's neck is 14 and a half centimeters and The back of John and Paul's neck is 15 and a half centimeters... coincidence? i think not.
  • More to come...

This is, I think, is the best thing, especially because I'm moving to England (lol)...
Beatle Chatter, (at least I try)
are you a bit cheeky?... john says that means naughty (ooh)
perhaps you're cheesed off... very annoyed
oh, come 'ed... come on
thats bloody brilliant!... they claim it to be some type of adjective
oh, come off it!... yeah, right, sure, like that'll happen
oh, bugger... dammit, but it sounds like booger hee hee
you're daft!.. crazy
sag off... skip school
luv (as in, what's a matter john, luv, blue meanies?), so i guess it can be used for everybody
oh, right, right... (figured this one out from watching movies with hugh grant in it) means, yes, ok or alright
smashing, baby yeah... great!
oh, sod off... go away, or so they say
ta... thanks!
ta-ra... goodbye

Rest in Peace
John and George
We love you

I love ending things with this...
And in the End, The Love you take is Equal to the Love you make.