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Rock On!!!
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Hello, Goodbye


  • Commercials are cool, dont ya think?
  • I love the movie About a Boy
  • Music is a life saver, cause its ALWAYS there
  • Paul did say, hold your head up, you silly girl, look what you've done, when you find yourself in the thick of it, help yourself to a bit of what is all around you, silly girl" In a song for his dog. BUT ITS TRUE FOR EVERYONE!!!
  • Everything happens for a reason, no matter how unimportant it is. It was all planned out. And has something to do with the end.
  • My theory is that deep down, everyone is eight years old. And people aren't so scary when they're eight. And you can't have so much repented anger or insecurities when you're eight... where would u put them? You're short!
    • That's my everybody is eight theory!
  • More to come...

  • Take things in stride.
  • Listen
  • Write
  • Talk
  • Dream
  • Think
  • Believe
  • Trust
  • Remember, or at least, try.
  • I dont think you should just leave the past behind you, or just look to the future, or live in the present...
  • I think you should look all three ways, or you'll never know what will hit you.