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Rock On!!!
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No One Compares To You

I Love the people I know and the people I knew. No matter what they think. Because life's too short to hate people.

Here's some stuff...
Andrea in virginia... hello! i miss you and i hope to see you soon. we're gonna move to england!! i can not wait! good luck with prince william.
Jill... i just want to let you know, that u are a fantastically funny and, for the lack of a better word, nice person. And i also think u r a wonderful poet. But anyway, pee party, my house 12 o'clock, Please, please, keep falling in the vantz. hyper-hypo
Alyssa... i love fighting with you! raindrops keep falling on my head. Your hair is different from marro's. Pinball, ping! evil taco bag, inside the actors studio.  hyper-hypo
Michelle... The Mac, does it get any funnier? drunk, stoned or deliriously happy.  Nuff said.
Sabrina... look, i'd like u to download that stuff, and i dont want to be scared to ask you.
Sara... Darnet, i forgot what i was gonna say
Sabrina and Sara... this is better, anyway, u know what, we gotta do that running across the street naked thing. ok no we dont, i changed my mind i dont want to. we gotta go to Peter Pan
Denise Lynn... Hi. u wont see this, but hi anyway. well, i have to see some pictures
Sineaid... You are very very funny. i just want to let you know that. Fran Drescher just talks so analy, dont u think? Cookie monster
Chelsea... the lem. i turn to the bathroom, thats all i can think of
Tara... listening to me jabber about paul online, i thank u
Morgan... i like what u wrote on ur page, that we're desparate virgos. that kinda made me happy
Megan... Jimmy Fallon! the doggie doogie doggie doo. Jimmy Fallon. Ramirez... if i only had a brain.
Stephanie... General Hospital, Jimmy fred sheldon (that goes to you too Megan)
Another Megan...  umm, hi. ur not that quiet. joy told me that be4 graduation but i didnt believe her, now i do.
More to come...

People, people needing, people are the luckiest people in the world. well, i only say that cause there are a lot of people on this page. by the way, i have two feet.
And i was just like... u cant talk your dead.
Oh yeah, Paul isnt dead!! (michelle... haha)
I think that people are both good and evil deep down. If they weren't, how could there be both in the world?