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The Long and Winding Road

I believe everyone is a person. And that all people have the right to happiness. Dont ruin other peoples happiness. Especially if you are happy enough already.

I believe we all have the right to freedom and peace. We should all try to enjoy life as it is. And take everything that happens as a reminder. A reminder of what has happened, what is happening and what will happen.

I believe everyone is different in their own way. My opinion on this is, G-d made us that way. We shouldnt judge people on their differences. "History repeats itself" What goes around comes around" Two sayings people live by. I try to live by these sayings. But, I also believe We all make mistakes.


The Chinese Cookies Fortune

Do I really want life the way it was?

Without that invigorating buzz

But would life be a bore

Without hate and crime and war?

We all want peace

And so do I

But what would soap operas be

Without enemies that vie

Dont get me wrong

Im always up for a peaceful song

But shaking them up a bit

Is a light thats always lit

You cant write a whole lot

About sipping lemonade on a cot

But in this hectic world we live in

Who would not want to just give in

And watch the paint dry

While we cry

Cause we remember all the days that went by

And even though people do things they regret

They really shouldnt fret

What would the world be without mistakes

I know, a world full of fakes

We all cant be perfect

I know that for sure

And love, love may be the cure

Even though it can be confusing

You never know when youre winning

Or when your losing

We know everything that happens

Happens for a reason

And that all kinds of weather

Fits each and every season

So being crazy sometimes

Is fine by me

Cause without a hint of chaos

What would this world be?

We have to take the bad with the good

Or it would be a bore

To love a little more

Wouldnt bring it back to the way it was

But something better

Like a brand new sweater

Life is unpredictable

Take it portion by portion

And always read the chinese cookies fortune

(jazz hands)

I just can not stress this enough...
Laugh, Cry
Remember all your experiences
If you don't you can't know why you are who you are today.
Do what makes you happy
Just try not to hurt anybody else doing that
Look in all directions of your life
Ziggy comics kind of show that idea
Do what you can get done now, now