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Rock On!!!
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Things that have to do with Paul:
  • You all know how much I love Sir James Paul McCartney, especially because I use his first name.
  •  Perhaps you know this because in every conversation, I talk about him at least once.
  • Lets see, some facts...
  • Paul was on Saturday Night Live two times, I've only seen him on the Chris Farley show... "Do you, do you remember when you were with the Beatles?"
  • Paul has three children, his youngest and only son, James, looks just like him, but has blonde hair. Stella is a fashion designer (Chloe) and I think Mary interviewed him on the Wings special.
  • He has a step-daughter, from Linda, Heather
  • Paul was quoted saying, "I think people think I'm the cute one."
  • Paul and Linda would've celebrated their 30th anniversary in 1999. Sadly, she died of breast cancer in '98. He married Heather a week before his birthday, which is on June 18th.
  • Paul is a veggetarian, him and Linda promoted this on the Simpsons once.
  • Paul bought the song "Happy Birthday to You". Can you believe that? We have to pay him everytime we sing Happy Birthday.
  • According to The Game of Knowledge, Paul has the most #1 singles in America. How cool is that?
  • Paul's mom died of cancer when he was 14. His dad was always very musical, and sent Paul to piano lessons because if he knew piano, he'd always be invited to parties. (its true!)
  • Paul met John in 1957. and so the magic begins...
  • He was engaged to Jane Ascher until 1968. He married lovely Linda in '69.
  • Paul is human, he has made mistakes
    • Sgt. Peppers, moustache
    • Let It Be, beard
    • Wings, mullet
  • Ruined his whole head (but thats just my opinion)
  • Paul's a lefty. did i say that yet?


Paul's concert---

I truely believe that his concert and the birth of my children will be the best experiences in my life. He was absolutely phenomenal. And even though I had the worst seats possible, it was incredible.

I still look up the lyrics for "Here Today" the song he wrote for John, and everytime I read it, it makes me cry.

His chatter ranged from massages to steroids to having a conversation with the first row (stupid row T, the last in Nassau Colliseum)

More to come...